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Energy Efficiency State Programs

New York & New Jersey rebate and finance programs to help save you money

Rebates - Offered By NJ Clean Energy & NYSERDA

MetroNY Insulation handles all paperwork and filings related to energy efficiency state programs.

New Jersey Utilities
PSE&G, New Jersey Natural Gas,
Jersey Central Power & Light

The New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program offers financial incentives on energy efficient improvement packages. The more energy savings measures you decide to install, the greater the incentive.

NYSERDA Comfort Home

NYSERDA Empower+

Income Eligible Weatherization improvements at no-cost if qualified.

ConEdison Weatherization Program 2024

Single-family homes or small multifamily buildings (2-4 dwelling units) are eligible if they have one of the following:

  • Con Edison gas for heating
  • Con Edison electricity for heating (including heat pumps)
  • A delivered fuel (like fuel oil or, propane) for heating and Con Edison electricity for cooling
Incentives for customers with oil, gas, or electric resistance heating:
Enhanced Incentives for Disadvantaged Communities*
Single-family building $2,000

Two-family building$2,500
Three-family building$3,000
Four-family building$3,500
Incentives for customers with geothermal or air-source heat pumps for heating and cooling:
Enhanced Incentives for Disadvantaged Communities*
Single-family building $1,000

Two-family building$1,250

Three-family building$1,500

Four-family building$1,750

We'll Handle All The State Energy Efficiency Program Paperwork

Our top rated insulation team is ready to help you take advantage of the current energy efficiency state programs that are available in your area. We handle all the required paperwork related to the state programs and incentives in your area. Your path to lower energy costs and greater comfort starts with a home assessment with our insulation experts

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